Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute Strategic Partnerships

The Richard A. Neubauer Research Institute – otherwise known as “RANRI” exists to further research, educate, advocate for the medical treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Active programs that will help offset the cost of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Veterans and other programs.

HOI is proud to be a sponsor of the Knock Out TBI fundraiser on March 11, 2017. You can purchase tickets here

The Brain Rehabilitation and Injury Network –“Advancing Research, Recovery & Residual Care”

Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network (B.R.A.I.N.) is a non-profit recovery and resource center for people who have suffered a brain injury. We believe that those with brain injuries deserve a lifestyle that is full of purpose, grace, and beauty. B.R.A.I.N. exists to give those with brain injuries hope for the future.

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