Holy Family Institute

We, along with the Holy Family Institute, and the Richard A. Neubauer Research Institute are joining our friends at the Friends of the Trinitarians in collecting toys, blankets and tarps for their annual drive. The Friends, help support the Sisters in their ministries and outreach to the poor and underserved both in Mexico and the US.

They have monthly food programs, reach out to the homeless, teach children music lessons, teach women how to sew, and help with small house repairs.

We will have a box for donations in our lobby at 6 Hughes Street – in the Oxygen Therapies office (in the rear of the building). We will also accept donations to them directly.

Please call 657-246-2788 for more information or stop by and see us for more info.

National Skin Month

Perhaps in preparation for the harsh winter months ahead, November is officially designated as National Healthy Skin Month in the US. All month long, people are encouraged to learn about the functions of skin and how to keep it healthy. In Southern California, we are pretty lucky, to have to remember the SPF all year round and avoid the harsh weather that the rest of the country has to deal with in the winter.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) first implemented November as healthy skin month in order to raise awareness about the importance of keeping skin fresh, hydrated and healthy all year round.

  • Eat a healthy diet : What we put in our mouths is just as influential to our skin’s health as what we apply externally. Eating a diet that’s rich in Omega 3s, whole grains and B Vitamins is essential to maintaining skin’s youthful glow. Be sure to incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins in your diet. Since skin is made of protein, the more we consume, the better.
  • Don’t forget your lips : Your lips need just as much protection as the rest of your skin, especially since they can get a lot of exposure to the sun. Carry lip balm with SPF with you and apply it generously, particularly in the dry winter months when lips can become very chapped and soar.
  • Keep you cool : Stress is a huge contributor to skin problems like acne and wrinkles. Making time to relax during your hectic days can greatly improve the condition of your skin.

Did you know Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can also be useful in keeping skin healthy?

Receiving regular treatments of HBOT is thought to increase skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production, leading to reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and improvement in skin texture.

Many dermatology clinics and even spas have utilized machines that deliver concentrated oxygen to the patient or client to treat age-related skin problems. Oxygen is used in skin care because it is thought that delivery of natural oxygen increases cell metabolism.

The use of oxygen therapy as a process of skin rejuvenation and reduction of loss of elasticity leading to formation of lines and wrinkles are becoming increasingly widespread in skin care clinics because of increasing successful results of their usage due to developing technologies.

Inflammatory conditions, whether the result of stress or injury, all benefit from a therapeutic dose of oxygen. Not only does oxygen feed the cells, but healthy blood flow also carries away waste products like cellular debris and dangerous free radical toxins. In 2013, University of Edinburgh researchers confirmed, when studying how oxygen in the body can affect the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, that oxygen levels play a major role in determining the severity of the body’s inflammatory response. When you consider that chronic inflammation can disrupt a healthy blood system, potentially increasing cancer risk as a University of California San Francisco research team discovered in 2016, the use of oxygen therapy to calm inflammation makes perfect sense. 9

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy bathes the cells in the body with oxygen.

Because a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber is pressurized, oxygen easily enters into every tissue of the body. This is why HBOT can dramatically diminish the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.

HBOT directly encourages overall skin health:

  • The surface of the skin and the tissue that structurally supports the skin rely on a constant supply of nutrients, especially oxygen.
  • When cells do not receive enough oxygen, they slowly begin to malfunction and die.

This means that HBOT helps the skin heal after trauma, injury, or surgery. A therapeutic dose of oxygen can also improve skin infections, and it can be especially useful in regulating the appearance of chronic acne. Even fungal skin infections and dandruff, also called scalp dermatitis, will noticeably benefit from increased circulation and healthy blood flow.

Our special for November is buy one, get one free when you mention our online special and schedule on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. **Call us for complete details and limitations**


It’s that weird time of year. Somewhere along the way Halloween became the unofficial start of the Holiday season. So now, you have the annual battle of the Christmas Purists and the people who want to start singing Christmas carols in November.

We are three days away from Thanksgiving. For most people, a time to start reflecting on the past year, businesses start gearing up for the end of year processes and set or revise goals for the next year. Families start taking stock of things we are grateful for in the past year.

But sometimes, with health issues, aging parents (or ourselves) or just the stress of the seasons it’s hard to get into the spirit of the holiday.

We want to remind you to take a few minutes of your day in the upcoming week to find something to be grateful for, and really ponder it and find a way to show your gratitude.

Enjoy the moment, there are many things to plan and schedule in the next month and a half. But it’s relaxing to enjoy something about each holiday or event.

Have fun! Yes, Thanksgiving means more work and clean up, but the memories of Uncle Bill, standing on his head to entertain his niece, will be told with glee for years and years. If you are in the kitchen working, you may miss out on the fun memories being made.

Black Friday is coming – is it relaxing to you to go out with all the crowds or just a stressful tradition?

Cyber Monday follows with all the best deals online.

Then, # GivingTuesday rolls around. We partner with several local charities, and provide services to patients that might not otherwise be able to have treatment , one of our favorites is “The Richard A. Neubauer Research Institute” ( www.ranri.org )

You get to take a small break, and then Christmas and New Year’s is here, and you’ve barely blinked.

Here are some of our stress relieving ideas for the next several weeks.

Take time for self-care. While it may be a little self-serving, we love the thought of the hyperbaric chamber this time of year. An hour of complete and total silence from our calendars, texts, emails and daily stressors. A time that your body needs, and more oxygen will only benefit your body and mind.

Give the gift of self-care. Share the love of hyperbaric oxygen. We have a great special through the end of November, by one – get one free when booked on a Tuesday/Thursday appointment schedule. **Call for more information and the fine print**

#GivingTuesday – it can be somewhat self-serving to you as well, find a charity that you can really get behind, and donate or volunteer. While we are fond of, and have mentioned our favorite , we all know of hurricanes, earthquakes, religious and other volunteer led organizations that need help. As you consider your year-end tax strategy, we encourage you to use the season to give to your favorite charity.

Enjoy the season, if your family is far away – join in with friends, or create a new friendsgiving opportunity, serve at a homeless center, or find a group that needs your hands and feet this year.

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Cancer begins when cells in the body begin to grow out of control. Cells in nearly any part of the body can become cancer cells, and can spread to other areas of the body.

Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland start to grow uncontrollably. The prostate is a gland found only in males. It makes some of the fluid that is part of semen.

Almost all prostate cancers are adenocarcinomas. These cancers develop from the gland cells (the cells that make the prostate fluid that is added to the semen).

While some prostate cancers can grow and spread quickly, most do not, and grow slowly. Several autopsy studies show that older men (and even some younger men) who died of other causes also had prostate cancer that never affected them during their lives.

Prostate cancer usually affects men over age 50, and often does not cause any symptom during the early stages of the disease. As the tumor grows and infiltrates the surrounding structures, symptoms such as increased frequency of urination (especially at night), difficulty in starting or stopping urine flow, decreased urine stream, pain or burning during urination or ejaculation, visible blood in the urine or semen, and a sense of incomplete bladder emptying arise.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT ) can be an important part of an adjunctive and comprehensive therapy program. It can reduce the side-effects from both chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

We know that oxygen is essential to normal cellular health. Cancer cells have an altered metabolism and no longer depend upon oxygen. In fact, high oxygenated environments can be toxic to cancer cells and both slows their growth and triggers cell death mechanisms within them.

Our bodies rely on the constant supply of oxygen intake to survive. Our atmosphere is approximately 21% oxygen. When oxygen is administered at high pressure rates, up to 20 times more oxygen can be absorbed by the bloodstream. This oxygen is transported to damaged organs and tissue which speeds up both healing and recovery time.

And, if used in conjunction with the ketogenic diet, oxygen under pressure, can slow down the replicating effect of the cancer cells.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is an FDA approved treatment for 14 indications , it is considered “off label” treatment as an adjunctive therapy for cancer. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy does require a physician’s prescription. Please contact us 949-328-4268 for more information or to set up an appointment.

National Stress Awareness Day


We often hear from our friends and family, or hear ourselves indicate just how stressed we are, on a daily basis. Stress is actually a very common emotional response that most people do experience. While stress affects everyone differently, it largely depends upon how we are able to deal with the stress when we realize it is impacting our day-to-day lives.

There is no way to fully eliminate stress. However, when stress reaches too high of a level it can lead to anxiety, worry, and panic attacks, it can also lower your immune response and lead to increased risks for illnesses and diseases.

Is stress ever beneficial?

Stress can motivate us. It can stimulate brain functions and allows us to perform deductive reasoning, it may improve our concentration, and allows us to focus on specific tasks.

In fact, stress can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently. As stress levels increase, the initial response is normally one that allows us to be highly productive and complete tasks. This in turns, makes us feel a sense of accomplishment, and stress levels become less and remain within the “acceptable” range. It can even boost memory. Stress is also a vital warning system, producing the fight-or-flight response. When the brain perceives some kind of stress, it starts flooding the body with chemicals like epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. But, when stress levels continue to increase past this point is where we need to be concerned.

When Should You Be Concerned about Stress?

Constant, elevated stress levels do not allow our bodies to respond in a positive manner. Chronic stress , or a constant stress experienced over a prolonged period of time, can contribute to long-term problems for heart and blood vessels. The consistent and ongoing increase in heart rate, and the elevated levels of stress hormones and of blood pressure, can take a toll on the body.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Help?

HBOT exposes our bodies to elevated levels of oxygen-rich air. Since more oxygen is being spread throughout the circulatory system and tissues within the body, it stimulates the body’s healing response system. In addition, the oxygen helps reduce anxiety levels and stress levels due to heightened levels of oxygen within the brain and creates a calming effect. Stress and anxiety slowly start to become less intense emotions and are replaced by a relaxed state of mind.

HBOT has been used by military veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those that receive regular HBOT noticed many of the symptoms associated with PTSD, like depression and anxiety became less frequent and severe, allowing them to better integrate back into private life and society.

Other Benefits of HBOT

Besides providing stress and anxiety relief, HBOT promotes healing within the body. People have used this form of treatment to help speed recovery times after an accident or surgical procedure. Other people have used it as an alternative form of treatment for various medical conditions, such as poor circulation, infections in the soft tissues, digestive and intestinal problems, arthritis, chronic pain, and more.

If you would like more information on HBOT and its benefits to physical and mental stress, please call us today.