Tetralogy of Fallot

What is tetralogy of the heart?

(From Heart.org)

A heart defect that features four problems.

They are:

  • a hole between the lower chambers of the heart
  • an obstruction from the heart to the lungs
  • The aorta (blood vessel) lies over the hole in the lower chambers
  • The muscle surrounding the lower right chamber becomes overly thickened

We are elated to share with you, how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helped this child.

My son, Ollie, was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot in 2012. Thanks to excellent medical care provided by his cardiologist and surgeons, Ollie lived a very happy and normal life until just a few months before his fourth birthday. We began noticing changes in Ollie’s energy and comfort levels in February of 2016, and he lost interest in play and activities he once loved, like running and karate. His second open-heart surgery was scheduled for November of 2016. I was referred to Mark Westaway at Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute by a family friend that knew I was interested in doing whatever I could to promote wellness and healing for my son. This surgery came with many of the same concerns as the first: infections, organ damage from poor oxygen circulation, and discomfort and inflammation. An added concern we faced was that the incision would have to go through his old scar and scar tissue is less predictable.
I was informed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy before and after surgery is known to improve circulation, decrease pain and inflammation, speed up the recovery process, and has antimicrobial properties. When we brought Ollie in for the first time to meet Mark, he was warm and kind. Ollie was relaxed in the chamber. I held him on my lap as he watched a movie. During the process, Ollie asked to hold his own mask. I listened to him take deep, intentional breaths of oxygen even before being directed to. I asked him how he felt after the treatment and he smiled and said, “really good”. When we returned home, he laid down for less than an hour and then his energy jumped back up to levels I hadn’t seen for almost a year. He had another treatment on the Saturday before his surgery. Directly after the surgery, I took him to a family party where he was able to keep up with the other children. Although I was worried and kept a watchful eye on him, he did not complain about being tired and did not mention a pain in his chest like he would have, playing that hard. He had two more sessions before his surgery, and he was much more like his playful self.
During his surgery, we were told to expect a longer time frame than his first because of the scar tissue. However, we were approached two hours before even the earliest estimated time that his surgery was complete. I believe that this was due to both his incredibly talented surgeons and the healing his scar tissue received during HBOT.
His recovery period was absolutely a best-case-scenario. He regained his desire to walk on his own and his appetite rapidly. He was admitted for surgery on Wednesday and was discharged on Sunday afternoon, after only four days of recovery. His incision healed quickly without complications.
About six weeks after the surgery we resumed treatments at Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute. Ollie is bright and full of energy and I will continue to bring him for treatments because I see immediate and long-term results. I can’t thank my friend enough for suggesting HBOT and Mark for his knowledge, kindness, and his enthusiasm in educating me on the benefits and research on HBOT.
Victoria O –

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