HBOT Treatments For Sports Injuries

CVAC Treatments For Sports Conditioning

Dr. Jolly-Gabriel believes that athletes who have injuries can pursue effective treatments with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Many athletes give up on sports after serious injuries, believing they can no longer be effective in competitions or they can no longer perform as well as they once did. Many of these injuries remain because of lingering swelling.

As Jolly-Gabriel notes, many professional athletes have used HBOT and returned to the game. Not only does it move their bodies into faster healing, but it reduces the recuperation time. This protects the leagues’ investments and ensures the athletes’ careers. Professionals in the NFL, NHL and NBA have returned to peak performance in record time. It is often how athletes can suffer a major injury and be back in the game in as little time as a month later.

HBOT works because it dissolves oxygen in the blood and tissue and speeds up healing. The process disperses 20 times more blood than the body normally makes for itself. The body distributes this oxygen to the injured tissue and reduces swelling and infection. The traditional intake of oxygen through a mask cannot deliver this kind of healing.

CVAC Therapy For Athletes

CVAC is being used by athletes to improve the efficiency of their fitness workouts or training regimen, increase their power and endurance, and improve their recovery time from injuries. The Benefits produced are similar to those gained through traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise; allowing you to achieve better oxygen utilization, improved anaerobic energy production.

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