It’s that weird time of year. Somewhere along the way Halloween became the unofficial start of the Holiday season. So now, you have the annual battle of the Christmas Purists and the people who want to start singing Christmas carols in November.

We are three days away from Thanksgiving. For most people, a time to start reflecting on the past year, businesses start gearing up for the end of year processes and set or revise goals for the next year. Families start taking stock of things we are grateful for in the past year.

But sometimes, with health issues, aging parents (or ourselves) or just the stress of the seasons it’s hard to get into the spirit of the holiday.

We want to remind you to take a few minutes of your day in the upcoming week to find something to be grateful for, and really ponder it and find a way to show your gratitude.

Enjoy the moment, there are many things to plan and schedule in the next month and a half. But it’s relaxing to enjoy something about each holiday or event.

Have fun! Yes, Thanksgiving means more work and clean up, but the memories of Uncle Bill, standing on his head to entertain his niece, will be told with glee for years and years. If you are in the kitchen working, you may miss out on the fun memories being made.

Black Friday is coming – is it relaxing to you to go out with all the crowds or just a stressful tradition?

Cyber Monday follows with all the best deals online.

Then, # GivingTuesday rolls around. We partner with several local charities, and provide services to patients that might not otherwise be able to have treatment , one of our favorites is “The Richard A. Neubauer Research Institute” (

You get to take a small break, and then Christmas and New Year’s is here, and you’ve barely blinked.

Here are some of our stress relieving ideas for the next several weeks.

Take time for self-care. While it may be a little self-serving, we love the thought of the hyperbaric chamber this time of year. An hour of complete and total silence from our calendars, texts, emails and daily stressors. A time that your body needs, and more oxygen will only benefit your body and mind.

Give the gift of self-care. Share the love of hyperbaric oxygen. We have a great special through the end of November, by one – get one free when booked on a Tuesday/Thursday appointment schedule. **Call for more information and the fine print**

#GivingTuesday – it can be somewhat self-serving to you as well, find a charity that you can really get behind, and donate or volunteer. While we are fond of, and have mentioned our favorite, we all know of hurricanes, earthquakes, religious and other volunteer led organizations that need help. As you consider your year-end tax strategy, we encourage you to use the season to give to your favorite charity.

Enjoy the season, if your family is far away – join in with friends, or create a new friendsgiving opportunity, serve at a homeless center, or find a group that needs your hands and feet this year.

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